Krystal Dinner Show

The Premier appearance of the Krystal Kabaret in the world famous Grand Spiegeltent marked a new era of fine dining and entertainment in Dubai.
Guests arrived in their splendour for an evening of spectacular flamboyant cabaret set in the intimacies of the mesmerising palace of mirrors.

Stepping inside the grand Spiegeltent, diners were immersed in the decadent ambiance which surrounds them. More than just a show it was a total experience, where guests could relax, unwind, and leave their cares outside our gilded doors as our artistes led them into a world which depicts neither yesterday, today or tomorrow.

The sensational Krystal Palace shimmered and sparkled in an evening bursting with humour, cabaret, circus, music and song...

The unpredictable rubbed shoulders with deadly precision. The grace of the balletic oriental swan, the compelling beats of the Argentinean Bolas contrasting to the melodic rhythm of the sultry aerial artistes amongst our glistening chandeliers.

The sounds of Jazz and Blues transporting to another time, another place.

A symphony for the senses - see the unbelievable, taste the sublime, hear the unforgettable, breathe in the heady intoxication that only the Krystal Kabaret in the Grand Speigeltent can offer. Believe in us and we will touch your soul...

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